The origins of jewels

People always strive to look different and better than each other and jewels are one of the most popular tools of accomplishing that. They have been popular for generations and this is the reason why the jewelry industry is so successful. The word “jewel” comes from Latin and is a testament to the ...

la fontana verde giochi d'acqua

The Swarovski crystals museum in Innsbruck

“Swarovski Crystal World” is a museum in the small town of Wattens, 20 kilometers east of Innsbruck, Austria. It first opened in 1995 for the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Swarovski Company. This wondrous world, created by the artist Andre Heller is situated in the seven chambers of ...


Fashion jewelry

Jewels are not simply a designer piece of metal. They are also known as valuables – objects of investment and pride for their owner. Many feuds and wars have been started over them in the past and the passions are still high when it comes to buying and selling jewelry. Fashionable jewels For women, ...

Fashion tendencies for jewels

In jewels and fashion accessories this fall and winter there will be a palette of colors; from gold, silver, black, grey, emerald green and sky blue to the warmer tones of amber, brick red and so on. Pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings made of gold, silver and jewelry alloys will impress the public ...


A necklace that will go with your neckline

The jewels are important accessories for every lady. From rings and earrings to bracelets and brooches – everything matters and undergoes great scrutiny during the process of selection. Like with any other jewels, choosing a necklace has its own set of rules you should be guided by. The main rule ...

Pendants as wonderful ornaments

Regardless of their price, jewels are a big part of the everyday life, because they reveal the inner beauty that everyone has. Wearing jewels is the most effective way to decorate yourself. Pendants are a wonderful personal ornament which can be made out of all kinds of precious metals and stones. They ...

The proper wear of jewelry

Never follow the fashion trends blindly. The feeling of comfort and being in harmony with the jewel you are wearing is always more important than racing after fashion tendencies. If you want to be fashionable just pick out the trend that looks best for you and stick to it.
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