The history of earrings

In ancient times earrings were a predominantly male ornament. They were popular even 7000 years ago in ancient Asia. Egyptians and Assyrians used earrings to signify the fact that they belong to a higher class.


The erotic language of jewelry

There are many kinds of ornaments and many ways to show them off, but the motivations behind decorating one’s own body from head to toe are not that many. If we can disregard the price and purpose of a certain ornament and look on it without the prejudice of value or design, we will be able to ...


XXL necklaces – the rebellion of contemporary jewels

After the large massive rings, the time of XXL necklaces has come as if to show that contemporary ornaments are rebelling against the traditional shapes and sizes. In 2014 we will forget about gold and silver and revere the non-precious metals instead, along with different metal alloys, yarn, fabric, ...
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