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The ring – a symbol for infinity, power and true love-part 2

In Hinduism, god Shiva dances in a circle of fiery tongues, portraying the life cycle of the universe. This dance represents the cycles of nature in her eternal process of destruction and creation. The light of the fire in the circle is meant to represent deep wisdom. Among ancient Romans and Greeks ...

Old golden ring

The ring – a symbol for infinity, power and true love-part 1

In many cultures, the ring symbolizes eternity and immortality and conceals in itself a magical power. The wedding ring, the Gnostics rings, the Ying and Yang are all loaded with special semantics. In Egyptian mythology the ring was considered not only a symbol of eternity but also as a message of defense ...

Diamond Ring in heart shape box

The history of the engagement ring

Ever since the beginning of contemporary humans’ existence, people have used different symbols to express their attitude toward the ones close to them. The ring is the most widely used and recognized symbol of love and serious intentions. Throughout time this ring of love undergoes an evolution of ...
Golden ring

How to clean golden jewelry

The maintenance of your golden jewels is not a complicated ordeal with too many scientific considerations and is applicable by the ordinary people. However, it does require some simple knowledge that you will find in this article. Golden jewels do not darken like their silver relatives, but they can ...

the cross brooch

How to find out if your silver jewels are real

When it comes to popularity it looks like silver is beginning to replace gold in the hearts of women and men alike. Shiny and beautiful, this metal is used in making all kinds of jewelry – rings, bands, bracelets, etc. There are other materials, however, that look like silver and make it very difficult ...

The beauty wedding ring

Testing gold through acid

Testing gold is absolutely necessary when selling your golden jewels or buying such from an unaccredited source. Although most gold products have carat stamps, sometimes old unstamped jewels appear on the market. The stamps can also be forged and placed on fake jewels or ones that are excessively dirty ...

New shine for your old gold

Maintaining the golden jewelry in good condition is relatively easy and can be done at home. Despite the fact that golden jewelry does not darken like the jewelry made out of other metals, it is nevertheless subject to dirt, staining and other environmental influences which can make it loose its shine. ...
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