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Yellow gold – an all-time classic

Wearing golden jewelry always feels like wearing a little piece of the sun. Although lately gold has had all kinds of color alterations (white, violet, pink and even black) yellow remains the most widely preferred color фор this precious metal. The deep honey nuance and shine can never be mistaken ...


Jewels worn by men

Wrist-watches Every male jewel has to have excellent quality. A nice watch is the best accessory a man can choose, and also the most popular. It is allowed even in conservative situations where together with a wedding band it forms the boundary of good taste. The rule when picking out a wrist-watch ...


The proper wear of jewelry

Never follow the fashion trends blindly. The feeling of comfort and being in harmony with the jewel you are wearing is always more important than racing after fashion tendencies. If you want to be fashionable just pick out the trend that looks best for you and stick to it.
Lubos Chlubny

How to combine different jewels

Buying jewelry sets makes combining them much easier. Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, which are made to be worn together, can surely save you the trouble of harmonizing different jewels yourself. Yet, sets can sometimes lose their charm, because they are too predictable and often can be interpreted ...


Silver jewels as gifts

Silver jewelry has always been fashionable. Given as a gift, silver ornaments can become treasured keepsakes. They also easily become talismans for their owners and are very hard to neglect. Once you decide that your gift to a loved one will be precisely a silver jewel, you will have to select it with ...


How to select the perfect earrings for you

Earrings are an accessory that has been worn by both men and women throughout the ages. They are a simple and comfortable ornament which is why they have always been so popular. They accentuate the face, neck and shoulders and can be worn daily. However, not all types of earrings are for everyone. How ...

How to pick out the perfect ring

There are three ways to buy jewelry – you can either be very picky or an impulsive buyer, or a combination of both. Many people buy rings based on how they look without considering their own hand shape, their fingers or comfort as factors. Of course you will want to buy a ring that looks good, but ...
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